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      91手游網 > 游戲 > 兒童 > Galaxy Panda

      Galaxy Panda v1.02

      • 類型:兒童
      • 語言:英語
      • 大?。?span>18.3 MB
      • 更新:2015-04-15 13:17:38


      "Best game I have played all year!" 5/5 stars - Jason V.

      "Well worth the .99 cents for this much fun!" 5/5 stars - Brian G.

      "This and Disneys wheres my water are my two favorite games right now!" 5/5 stars Christy C.

      Galaxy Panda is a puzzle game for the whole family. The whole family can enjoy the fun puzzles trying to help Galaxy Panda find his way home!

      If you are a fan of Disney's "wheres my water?", or Rovio's "Angry Birds" you will love Galaxy Panda! Even users of omgpop's "draw something" are commenting on the fun!

      • Galaxy Panda
      • Galaxy Panda
      • Galaxy Panda



      Galaxy Panda攻略